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Faculty/Staff Info

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Mrs. Linda Alexander
Office Manager
Mrs. Terri Broadwell
2nd ELA, 1st Religion
Mrs. Tammy Buckner
4th - 8th Social Studies
Aubrey Burns
After School Staff
Mrs. Amy Cast
Preschool teacher
Mrs. Cris Denning
Business Manager
Ms. Karen Dixon
Preschool - 8th Technology
Ms. Pat Domann
4th - 5th ELA, 4th Religion
Ms. Jessica Dunn
Preschool - 8th Art
Fr. Jeff Ernst
Ms. Kasey Fewins
Kindergarten, Middle School Theater
Mariyah Garcia
After School Staff
Patty Guadian
Mrs. Lee Ann Hartwick
6th - 8th Math
Mrs. Patty Hill
2nd Math, Social Studies
Elizabeth HIrt
Kindergarten and After School Care Director
Mrs. RoseAnn Huber
3rd Math, Social Studies, Religion
Jeff Jenicke
Ms. Cara Johnson
4th - 5th Math, 5th Religion
Mrs. Nancy Keel
Mr. Michael Kennedy
Preschool - 8th Physical Education
Mrs. Darlene Koger
Instuctional Assistant
Mrs. Dorothy Malsbury
Food Service Director
Shylah Mckay
after school staff
Lois Mersmann
Meg Milburn
Parish staff
Mrs. Pat Newton
Auction Office
Benefit Auction Chairpersons
Sra. Claudia Olea
Preschool - 8th Spanish
Ms. Rachel Paradise
!st ELA, 2nd Religion
Ms. Anastasia Pine
RE and Youth Minister
Mrs. Michelle Powell
3rd - 4th ELA, 4th Religion
Mrs. Kelly Prier
Preschool Asst.
Ms. Karen Rinke
Mrs. Samanth Romero
Director of Developement
Lisa Roush
Emmy Seitz
After School Staff
Ms. Janel Setter
6th - 8th ELA
Ellen Sickinger
Chelsea Solomon
Music Teacher
Ms. Katy Steinbacher
Science Teacher
Mimi Tignor
After School Staff
Anastasia Wilde
Middle School Religion
Ms. Anja Woolverton
1st Grade Math, Science, SS: 2nd Grade Science
Ms. Lauren Yoshinobu